Comment exercer devant le Tribunal Spécial pour la Sierra Leone

Mis à jour le 28.03.2017

Practising before the Special Court for Sierra Leone
Directive on the assignment of counsel: Article 13: Placement of Counsel on the List of Qualified Counsel

To be eligible to be included by the Principal Defender in the List of Qualified Counsel an individual must have the following qualifications:

  • speak fluent English;
  • be admitted to the practice of law in any State;
  • have at least 7 years of experience as Counsel;
  • possess reasonable experience in criminal law, international law, international humanitarian law or international human rights law;
  • have indicated their willingness and availability to be assigned by the Special Court to an Accused or Suspect; and
  • have no record of professional or other misconduct, which may include criminal convictions.

Before being considered by the Principal Defender for inclusion on the List of Qualified Counsel applicant Counsel shall file:

  • A duly completed Application Form for Counsel wishing to be considered by the Registrar for assignment to indigent Suspects or Accused;
  • Proof of current qualification to practice law in any State which shall include copies of a certificate of registration with a bar association, a certificate of admission to the practice of law, a certificate of current practice and good standing and the highest law degree obtained;
  • A detailed curriculum vitae showing qualification for the List of Qualified Counsel in, among other things, all degrees awarded and all criminal, human rights and international law experience;
  • Names and addresses of two referees, including contact information for the referees;
  • A photocopy of passport or other valid identification;
  • A letter setting out applicant Counsel's schedule for eighteen months from the date of application and an undertaking by the applicant that he will make himself available for trial whenever called upon by the court subject to, a) a severe illness of a temporary nature; b) attendance of obligations related to the death of close family member;

Upon request, a copy of the code(s) of professional conduct from the jurisdiction(s) in which the applicant Counsel is admitted to practice;

The Principal Defender may verify Counsel's qualification for the List of Qualified Counsel by any means including, but not limited to,

  • seeking original or certified copies of documents submitted;
  • consulting referees provided by the applicant Counsel;
  • interviewing the applicant Counsel; or
  • demanding such other information from the applicant Counsel or other parties as the Principal Defender deems necessary to assess Counsel's qualification for the List of Qualified

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